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Integrate and advance women in the highest realms of leadership – in your firm and across your portfolio companies. And, help your portfolio company CEOs build boards to be a competitive advantage.

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Why partner with Athena?

Access a network of world-class talent

Our ecosystem is more than 5,000 strong and growing. We offer unlimited, curated introductions to female executives for thought leadership, network expansion, voice of the customer, and more.

Develop your women executives

Advance and retain your top female talent, from the VP ranks to the boardroom. Ensure your women leaders can operate at their highest level by investing in our custom leadership coaching and robust member-to-member support.

Train your portfolio CEOs

Athena can engage with private equity and venture capital firms as a guest at CEO summits, executive events, and LP meetings as an expert on the modern boardroom. From workshops to fireside chats, we cover topics such as the path to the boardroom, board compensation, succession planning, and more.

Find board matches, fast

We are experts in board construct and strategy. Athena has supported over 100 board matches in just three years.

Programs tailored to your needs

Our investor programs are fully customized for your firm’s needs. Some focus on portfolio leadership education; some on access to talent; some on a combination. We’ll help you design the program that’s best for you.

Access to talent

Free of charge. We give you a simple, fast way to engage with our community for board candidates, CxOs, advisors, or speakers. For board seats, Athena can act as your end-to-end recruiting partner on a success fee basis. Fees range from $10K for an early stage company to $50K for a large company, and they are only triggered if an Athena woman is chosen.

Portfolio training

Athena’s top tier executive coaches and boardroom experts, including Athena’s CEO, are available for a range of group training designed to help future board directors develop the right skills for the role. We can also help current board directors build board that are a competitive advantage. Our training covers topics such as talent structure, meeting structure, best practices, and more. Augment your training with one-on-one coaching hours for “just in time” consultation.

Female executive development

Engage the individual female leaders in your firm and within your portfolio companies in the best executive development program designed to turn line leaders into overarching stewards of business.

Build your plan

Athena’s custom proposals range from one-time starter engagements for free or nominal fees to annual programs, typically ranging from $10K to $50K.

The Athena ecosystem includes leaders from notable brands such as:

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